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Main Services

BALI HARMONI PROPERTY (PT. SATYA INDOSIN LAKSANA)  has three business units or business,  architectural design of building and interior, Contractor, and developer.
ARCHITECTURE It is about the art and science of  designing buildings and non-building  structures. We understand that not  everyone understands architecture or  construction. Either you want to build a  house, villa, office, or just want to add  some detail in your building including  interior or landscape or garden. We open  architectural services for those of you who need help designing or giving input for the project you are working on, no matter  how big or small your project is. Bali Harmoni Property is your right  architectural choice, no matter how big or small your project is, or just need some  advice from a qualified architect, contact  us today.
CONTRACTOR We have experience in doing construction work at affordable prices within the  standard time frame as a contractor.  Building homes, villas, and more is a  complex process involving knowledge of  architectural design and building, so we  as experienced contractors offer services  as construction services you need. Bali Harmoni Property is your right choice to build your project, no matter how big  or small your project is, or you just need  some advice for quality construction,  contact us today. We will be happy to  provide you with the information you  need and make an appointment to discuss with our team.
DEVELOPER As a developer we have planned some  villas area in Bali, which has run well. The villa area is the unity of the environment  with the environmental infrastructure and facilities needed. Bali Harmoni Property has undertaken  several constructions of various types of  complex villas on several lands which are  a unity of the environment with  environmental infrastructure and required facilities.?  


Bali Harmoni Property is your right Contractor choice, no matter how big or small your project is, or just need some advice from qualified construction.


Bali Harmoni Property is doing some construction of various types of Villa or Houses that constitute a unity of neighbourhoods with environmental infrastructure and social facilities needed.


Looking for beautiful landscape ideas? Bali Harmoni Property brings you stunning examples of Landscape design


Bali Harmoni Property is your right architectural choice, no matter how big or small your project is, or just need some advice from qualified architect.

Maintenance & Renovation

Maintenance and Renovation is the combination of technical and architecture actions to ensure the items and elements of a building in an acceptable standard to perform its required function or to making something new look and upto date.

Building Permite Consultation

A building permit has to be obtained before construction of any building in Indonesia begins. The building permit is also known as an IMB or Ijin Mendirikan Bangunan.