Bali is one of the best investments

 AUG 2012

Whether it is starting a business or investing in property, Bali's growth is astounding. Everyone who buys here does so for a variety of lifestyle and investment reason. The Bali Real Estate market has continued to perform well, in comparison to global markets for the last 20 years. Even through the Asian  Financial crisis of the late 1990?s, and the global economic crisis, Bali property has done well. While many areas of the world have seen a severe drop in property prices during crisis points, the property prices in Bali remained stable for a year or so following the crisis point. After which, property values started rising again. The Indonesian Island of Bali is a favourite destination for both adventurers and those in need of a little relaxation. With beautiful beaches are an ideal spot for diving, world class surfing, entertainment, lifestyle, shopping, a large number of cultural, historical and archaeological attractions and on enormous range of accommodations, this is one of the world's most popular Island destinations and one which consistently wins travel Awards. Bali has something to often a very broad market of visitor from backpacker's right through to the super rich

Why Villa ?

Investment villa in Bali is very profitable.

JAN 2013

Bali is a tourist area whose name is known worldwide. Owners can rent out the Villa to its local and foreign tourists were on vacation to Bali. If it does not want to worry with renting and maintenance costs the owner can do cooperation with Villa Management or Operator of the  Villa. The villa has an advantage. Example, the Villa has its own complement of facilities that blend with buildings such as villas swimming pool. So, no need to share it with other guests or residents. Villa complex is to be ready in the management or operate as "Hotel", as well as ownership of the Villa with SHM (Free Hold Title) which is certainly worth investing villa/house experienced price increases each year, also get a share in the profit sharing annually by Villa Management through operated villas as a "Hotel", as well as the lack of maintenance and upkeep costs more.   So by having a Villa in Bali, you have a beneficial Investment as "gold investment " and "money machine" each year. Villa is a great way investment asset as an asset and investment for you. Ownership Villa with SHM (Free Hold) that is certainly increased the price every year. With the system "Villatel" your assets will bring profits annually. 80% profit sharing for OWNER !! Profitable assets, and your asset maintained as well. Not only leased, the owner can still enjoy these assets. Owner has 21 Point Vouchers annually to be used. If  the point voucher has been used, the owner can still stay at his villa, how? Owners get a special discount, and the rest of the price can be paid in cash. If the owner does not want any payment in cash, we facilitated by cutting the nominal owned profit-sharing. SIMPLE