What to Expect

Avoid Allowances, We try to eliminate allowances by sorting out all of your material and product selections before the we gives you an itemized bid for the job. Otherwise, you do enough shopping to give the us an accurate ballpark price for the materials you’re considering. Establish Good Communication,  Ask us how you prefers to communicate, This is an opportunity for you to hear progress reports and find out what work is scheduled over the coming days. Keep a Project Journal, A journal helps keep communication clear, and provides a record of who said what when Track All Changes in Writing, That means we must give you a description of the change and a fixed price for what it’ll cost. we must sign the change order before the work is done. Check the Work,  You can be proactive about checking our work. Make notes in your journal and bring up us anything you’re wondering. Pay Only for Completed Work, Our contract should establish a series of payments to be made when certain aspects of the job are completed. Be a Good Contractor, We promise to give our the best ways to get quality work out.
Our History Bali Harmoni Property is our company brand names, PT. SATYA INDOSIN LAKSANA  was established on July 12, 2011 in accordance with Deed of Establishment of  Limited Liability Company No.20 dated July 12, 2011 made before the notary I  Gusti Ngurah Maha Buana, SH which has been approved by the Minister of Justice  and Human Rights No.AHU-44038. AH.01.01.Tahun 2012 dated August 13, 2012.  PT. SATYA INDOSIN LAKSANA is committed to continuously develop its business  by combining all the knowledge and capability of supporting human resources, in  terms of design and quality of construction of the better building and also  committed to customer satisfaction and happiness of all parties in synergy in our  business.
Together build Bali and the world As a company engaged in construction and property developers, PT Satya Indosin  Laksana (Bali Harmoni Property) is experienced in construction, hotel and resort  construction, including villas, housing, buildings and other buildings, including  building and interior design services. PT Satya Indosin Laksana with the brand "Bali Harmoni Property" continues to  innovate in terms of property design and development of building construction,  including the development of villas, hotels and resorts or residential homes that  not only provide space and places, but trying to make every building Which our  company develops will be a comfortable place, providing peace and coolness for  its inhabitants, who can harmonize life, harmonious with nature around it. In accordance with our corporate mission Together build Bali and the World by  realizing the unique Balinese architectural building unique, as well as blend  harmoniously with the natural environment. We are confident that we will continue to grow with you, our business partners to  come forward to meet the progress of the property business. Goodness and Fortune Always join our steps.